It’s the little things.

Since last Tuesday, I’ve been working extra long hours to help solve a problem with a system I work on (along with several co-workers).  We had to turn off part of the system as a result of the problem, so we’re working extra hard to get everything back up and running.  I’ve missed my time at home with my kiddos, with the puppy dog and with Uncle Grouchy.

Last week on Tuesday when we discovered the problem, I was at work till after 11 pm.  I missed kissing my kiddos goodnight, and it was even too busy to call.  The next night, we didn’t work quite so late, so I got home early enough to see them before bedtime.  I was exhausted, just happy to be home, and looking forward to some dinner.  The girls and Poppy Cotton all met me at the door.  Poppy was bouncing around like Tigger and the girls enveloped me in a big hug. After such a long day, it felt great to be welcomed home like that.

They had spent part of that evening before I got home making me a bracelet, which they gave me after the group hug. They used beads and charms from our shared stash of beading supplies.  They had braided together three strands of embroidery floss in my favorite colors and attached the beads and charms they thought I’d like as they braided. They told me it would help me think about them while I was working.

I wore it for the rest of the week…and they were right.  I was missing them while I was at work, putting in long hours, but it made me think of them whenever I noticed it on my wrist. Somehow, they knew exactly what I needed to help me through the week.  I’m still wearing it this week, as we continue working longer-than-usual hours to solve the problem. Hopefully we’ll be able to implement the solution soon and I’ll be able to go back to my regular schedule. Till then, I’ll be wearing my fancy new bracelet, and thinking of how lucky I am to have the two of them at home waiting for me.

The work bag

So I’ve had a “real job” for the past 19 years (OMG, has it really been that long?)  On my way into the office, I always have my purse and a travel mug full of coffee. Most days, I also have a lunch bag containing breakfast and lunch.  On top of that, there’s often something else random I need to carry in – an umbrella because it’s raining, a box of tissues, Girl Scout cookies, etc.  I’m sure it’s usually quite a comical sight – me trying to carry it all, open doors and fish out my key fob for the office door.

Enter, the work bag.  A giant tote bag that most of those things can get crammed into and carried in from the parking lot. All in one bag.  I hosted a thirty-one party last month, and this was one of my hostess incentives.  It’s a Lakeside Tote with my initial monogrammed onto it.  And the bright summery colors make me smile every morning on my way to work. Perfection!

I don’t know how I missed out on this concept before. I’ve heard other people talk about their work bag and have noticed lots of female co-workers carrying their stuff in one. But for some reason I never had one before.  So glad I finally figured out this concept!

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